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The Malaysia Architectural Journal (MAJ) is a multidisciplinary journal produced annually (3 issue a year) related to theory, experiments, research, development, applications of ICT, and practice of architectural and built environment in Malaysia and elsewhere. The objective of the journal is to promote the activity of built environment especially architecture through dialogue and exchange of views concerning professional.



MAJ welcome any news, feature articles or peer reviewed (including book reviews, software review, etc.) articles for publication. While the main focus is on architectural, papers that explore architecture from other disciplinary perspectives, such as art, history, archaeology, anthropology, culture, spirituality, religion and economics are also welcome.  All articles should be original work by the authors.


Areas of Interest

The journal is specifically interested in architecture and built environment in relation to social and cultural history, geography, politics, aesthetics, technology and conservation. Spanning across cultures and disciplines, MAJ seeks to analyze and explain issues related to the built environment throughout the regions covered. The audience of this journal includes both practitioners and scholars. The journal is published online.

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